Jul 11, 2020
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3 Simple Golden Retriever Puppy Training Tips For A Well-Behaved Puppy

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The Golden Retriever has been a favorite choice of families for many years. Their sociable attitude and calm temperament make them an ideal family dog. They do require training. Golden Retriever puppy training begins when you bring your puppy home.

The first step in Golden Retriever puppy training will be teaching your puppy potty manners. You can simplify that with a crate. If you have a crate for your puppy, you can train them to hold things until you let them out. Dogs do not usually have ‘accidents’ where they sleep. By taking the dog out of the crate and to a designated area outdoors, you will have an easier time training your puppy. Once he does his business outdoors, reward him with a lot of praise and a treat if you desire to reward with treats. Be sure you take him out of the crate frequently.

It is possible to train your dog not to chew on things that should be left alone. Dogs learn with their mouths, much the same as human children do. This does not give your puppy the right to nip and chew on things such as their owner or their owners clothing or household items. This applies to play time or any time at all.

Golden Retriever puppy training will teach your puppy that it is okay to chew on a tennis ball but not on your favorite piece of furniture or those new shoes you didn’t put in the closet. When your puppy is left alone, the desire to chew and chew becomes even more apparent. Separation anxiety can run rampant when your puppy is left alone. It is important to provide chew toys and lots of them. By keeping him busy with toys, you may be able to save your shoes.

If you see your puppy going for your shoes, take the shoe away and give the puppy a toy or a ball in place of the shoe. If you give words of praise when you swap the items it will soon see that he will be rewarded for chewing on his toys.

Golden Retriever puppy training is easier than many other breeds. You still need to have patience, exhibit consistency and patience to have it be a successful venture.

Socialization is very important. Part of your Golden Retriever puppy training should include a basic behavior class and socialization with a variety of people and dogs. Dog parks can also be beneficial. One thing to remember is to keep control over your puppy at the park. Until the basic commands such as stay, sit and come are followed every time the words are used, keep your puppy on a leash.

Golden Retriever puppy training is an enjoyable and rewarding task. If you cover each step of the plan, you can be sure that you and your puppy will share a long and productive life together. If you choose to take your puppy into the show ring, consultation with other owners and the AKC can help you get on the right path to being winners. It doesn’t have to be conformation; it can be relay or agility. Golden Retrievers are good at all of them.

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