Jul 10, 2020
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A Success Formula For Husky Puppy Training

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Husky puppies make lovely companions and are generally very gentle in nature, but being one of the larger breeds it’s good to get your husky puppy training started today. When husky puppies leave their mum its safe to say that it will take a few days for them to settle into their new environment, and this is when we do need a little patience as crying and piddling may well be top of the agenda.

Followings some of the tips below will help deal with these issues and get you off to a great start.

  • Your Puppy Crying In The Middle Of The Night.

It is good to make a decision as to where you would like your puppy to sleep. It is always good to provide “den” like surroundings that make them feel safe. Also your husky puppy may well have just left a large puppy pack that he/she used to cuddle to at night, so providing a half full lukewarm water bottle for them to snuggle up to will help make them feel not too lonely.

If crying starts it is always best to ignore, this may go on for a little while but then a tired puppy will always go off to sleep.

Sometimes there are little challenges and that just does not work, and you have a very stressed puppy. This is the time to move the puppy closer to you by using a puppy crate, after a few nights this is the time to slowly separate the puppy by putting them on the landing, then bottom of steps until you reach where you would like them to sleep.

Being separated form your husky puppy shows dominance and is a good way to train them.

  • Providing A Crate For Your Puppy Is A Must

Most people flinch at the thought of having a dog in a crate/cage, as they think it is cruel. To be honest it is one of the most kindest things you could ever give them.

In the wild dogs and puppies sleep in small confined spaces which is den like. They love it, and it makes them feel safe. A crate is nothing more than a den for a dog, it’s like their own little house.

Crates need to be introduced slowly to a pup. Give them their food inside it, treats etc and you will find very quickly that they settle and love it. Please never ever take the crate away even when an adult its very precious to them.

There is no problem shutting the door on your puppy, this means you can put them to sleep on an afternoon just like a baby as they do get over tired. Plus if they sleep in the crate you will find they hold on to their bladder longer, as they don’t want to piddle on their bed, so it really helps toilet training issues. Accidents can still happen until their bladder gets stronger this is a time to never reprimand your husky puppy as they will end up hating the crate.

  • Give Munchy Raw Food To Eat.

Puppy’s will grow at different speeds so it is always great to have some munchy raw veg to keep around for them to gnaw on. Raw carrots and broccoli are great, they provide them with good nutrition and great fun as well.

  • Get Your Puppy To Follow You.

It good to have playtime with your puppy and one good husky training tip is to play and get them to follow you. This could be done in the house and the garden by trailing a lead on the floor and getting the pup to chase it behind you. A leader will always lead its pack, so getting your husky puppy to follow you through doorways is a must, and is the start of getting your puppy to walk beside you on a lead rather than pulling your arms out in front of you.

  • Get Your Pup Ready For Vet Checks.

Your puppy will be taken to the vet from time to time so getting your husky puppy used to being felt in certain areas is a must so aggression does not occur.

It is good to feel their ears, move their tail up and down and feel their paws. Now at this point you may get a little nibbling and biting until your puppy gets used to it, so slow movements are a must when doing this. If your puppy tries to bite your fingers then freeze your hand and in a guttural voice say NO.

It is not good to pull your hand away sharply as they will chase it. All puppies love quick feet/hand movements they think it’s a game and will do it more.

  • Always Greet Your Dog At Low Level

Husky dogs jumping on you is a common problem and generally learned when they are a puppy. Husky puppies are nothing more than a lovely cute bundle of fur that everyone wants to pick up and hold. It is not long before a puppy learns that up is for love and affection and down on all 4 paws gets nothing, and this is where jumping starts.

Try and greet your puppy when they have their 4 paws on the floor and give lots of praise they soon then learn that down is for pleasure and up gets nothing which is boring.

It’s great for your puppy to get the best nutrition possible and with cancer issues getting worse and worse due to over feeding choosing the best diet for your husky puppy is important. Doing your research on the internet is a must as many people choose to go away from conventional commercial pet foods and decide to naturally feed.

Have a great time enjoying training your husky pup and enjoy every minute as they are just wonderful to be around.


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