Jul 11, 2020
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German Shepherd Puppy Training Secrets

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A German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Most of them are seen on the field as guide dogs, bomb sniffing dogs and even rescue dogs that can detect fire or earthquake victims in a natural disaster. Consider it an honor to own a German Shepherd puppy and of course, as early as you can, give your dog specific German Shepherd puppy training.

What is the difference between an ordinary breed’s training from a German Shepherd? German Shepherd puppy training involves more discipline. Each training phase must be completed before you can jump to the next trick. Training your puppy the basics and simple roll over and play dead kinds of tricks is wasting a German Shepherd’s potential. After training him the basics you can ask a professional handler to train your German Shepherd to the best of his abilities.

1. Basic Training. Basics should include training the puppy where food and drink is located. Teach him to eat only from your hand and never from others to make him a good guard dog. Reward him too using treats with every good behavior.

2. Toilet Training. As a puppy you can use a crate or a cardboard to do his business but as he grows older you can train him to go back yard for his toilet training. A puppy can give you signs that he needs to go by tapping the door or the screen door to get your attention.

3. Out for a Walk. This breed needs a lot of space and air so make it a daily habit to take a long walk. He needs constant play to exercise those big legs and to develop his other senses that he needs for further training.

4. Obedience Training. There are several puppy training techniques when it comes to obedience. You can teach him to snap and obey or clap and obey your commands. Each command or trick has to be completed before introducing another one so that he won’t get confused. Rewards after doing a task is very important. Give treats or pats too if he does what you want him to do.

5. Skills Training. After basic training, house proofing and also tricks training comes teaching your puppy skills. Lots of this breed of dog may have several wonderful careers as a guide dog for the blind, a rescue dog for the police or fire department or even a bomb sniffing dog for the force. This breed’s future is bright and the only way he can achieve this is by taking him to a handler. A trainer and handler can teach him techniques in various fields. Since this breed is highly intelligent, there should be more and more uses for it in the future.

A puppy can be just an ordinary breed and still be as behaved as any pedigree. What set apart a German Shepherd is its versatility and smarts. Long live the German Shepherd breed!

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