Jul 8, 2020
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How to Create Happy Puppies With Puppy Training Classes

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Many new puppy owners tend to avoid taking their new pet to puppy training classes, believing they can successfully train it at home. While it is very possible to teach your puppy some very good behaviors and instill the awareness of the basic training tasks, there are more reasons your puppy needs to be a part of structured puppy training classes.

There’s a lot more to puppy training classes than just teaching your dog to sit and stay or walk nicely on a leash. They allow your puppy the opportunity to learn correct behavior around other dogs and people. This kind of socialization is an important part of your puppy’s training.

Socialization with dogs and people can teach your puppy not to feel aggressive or threatened by other dogs nearby. He’ll also learn to behave and not bark uncontrollably in response every time you’re out for a walk and you spot another dog. If your dog has already learned to interact with other dogs during puppy training classes, you’re much less likely to end up with an adult dog with security issues around other pets and people.

Puppy training classes are also an excellent way to train a puppy owner to respond to their dogs positively rather than being overly strict. Training the owner means finding ways for you to learn to relate to your puppy to get the best possible results.

As an example, many people become frustrated with puppies as they learn and chew and jump and play. Scolding them or yelling at them for natural behaviors can often confuse a puppy and he could suddenly become more naughty than ever before just because he doesn’t have a clear idea of what you want. Puppy training classes are put together to teach puppy owners how to reinforce positive behaviors in their pets and how to respond to your puppy when he does something right.



Puppies don’t understand our words. They also don’t naturally understand what makes their owners happy, so in order to get your message across to your new pet what you like and what you don’t, there are specific tones in your voice they will respond to, but it’s the body language you display that has the greatest effect on your puppy as he’s learning. Puppy training classes are an ideal way for you to learn about your stance and the tones in your voice so your puppy will be happy to work towards the things you want.

Don’t think puppy training classes are over at the end of the session. You’ll often be given homework to complete with your puppy at home. This reinforces the lessons you and your dog learned at school that day but without the added distraction of the other dogs and owners getting in your puppy’s way.

If you’re serious about raising a happy, well-adjusted, nicely trained puppy, then you seriously need to enroll in structured puppy training classes. Not only will you learn techniques that will stay with you and your dogs for life, but your puppy will be learning to be a well-behaved, socialized dog who loves nothing more than to make you happy.

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