Jul 10, 2020
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Maltese Puppy Training

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You you might need to engage in some Maltese puppy training if you’ve recently acquired one of these fine dogs. This happens to be one of the main places where good bonding with your puppy can occur. He or she will know what you expect of him and you will understand more about how he will react. Below we mention some fairly good points about training your Maltese puppy in the near future.

Being originally from Europe, the Maltese breed has been considered to be one of Europe’s oldest toy breeds first popular among people with status including aristocracy and other royal subjects.

Starting your Maltese puppy training may be difficult at first at least with respect to house training. After about 21 days, it will probably be helpful to crate train your Maltese puppy. Don’t use abrasive techniques when attempting to train your puppy. This holds true for all dogs not just the Maltese breed. In all situations use a calm assertive demeanor in order to show love, gentleness, control, consistency, etc. Use reward in patients as a motivator to get your dog doing what it should.

Maybe before you start out doing formal training for your puppy, a little pre-training will probably be helpful. This exercise will involve getting your puppy to come to you. Make sure your puppy is a fair amount a distance away. At the same time, call to your puppy using the “come” command while also clapping and a happy manner. Using a sweet high-pitched voice for this command will help attract your puppy’s attention. Once he comes/arrives, reward him with praise and/or a small treat. This exercise can be a really good precursor for future training sessions.

Following basic guidelines in almost any discipline will always be a good idea. This also holds true when attempting to get your puppy to learn. Guidelines such as these will help you successfully implement your Maltese puppy training. Follow these guidelines during formal training sessions but also in simple everyday life for your puppy. Your puppy will be constantly learning so if you allow him to learn consistently, he will learn faster.

Consistency will always be very important when it comes to your puppy learning he effectively and quickly. There will be times when you only use audible commands but also other ones where you might use visual cues. In any manner of communication, you need to continually use the same audible or visual signal to ask for a particular action on your puppy’s part. For example, if you use the word “come” as a command, only use that word and not others included like “come now”.

Using punishment is a big no-no when it comes to training any dog including your Maltese puppy. They simply do not respond very well to punishment. Get your dog to take action by motivating him with praise and rewards. Positive reinforcement really cannot be beaten when it comes to training your puppy.

Remember to challenge your Maltese puppy, first, in simple ways. Later as he matures, you’ll want to increase the complexity of a particular challenge. Dogs like challenge since it brings new experiences in which they can build on. Often, the happier dogs are those that use their brain more.

Thinking about your puppy’s attention span will be helpful when seeking to train him effectively. The younger puppy will have a shorter attention span than an older one. At first, you’ll want to keep your training experiences short but later as your puppy gets older it will be okay to lengthen those training times.

At any time around your puppy, you want to project a calm assertive demeanor like any proper pack leader would. All dogs including the Maltese are pack animals. They are genetically predisposed to need any leader. That leader has to be you as the master. However, they can include every human in your household. Being the leader requires you’ve been patient and confident. Please note that if you do not take position as pack leader, your dog will. When this happens, you will undoubtedly have dog problems.

Think upon timing when training your Maltese puppy. Your puppy needs to know that you mean business when it comes to responding to your commands. If you give the command, your puppy should respond immediately. Don’t let him ignore you or act moments later.

In the beginning, it might take some effort to get your Maltese puppy learning what you want him to learn. This breed generally has been found not to be the easiest one to train. However, like all dogs, the Maltese is very trainable. Training sessions will only strengthen your bond with your puppy. It will make his life and yours much happier.

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