Jul 8, 2020
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Puppy Training Biting Stage- The Steps You Need to Take

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One of the biggest challenges that new puppy owners face with their puppy training is the puppy training biting stage. It is one of the most worrying parts of having a puppy especially if you have children. Before we get into the basic steps of how to stop biting puppies we need to understand about your puppy’s behavior.


Why do puppies bite?

When puppies are born they explore the world through their eyes, ears, sense of smell and unfortunately their teeth. When puppies are in the nest for the first couple of weeks they will start to develop their senses. They will start to play with the other puppies and will start playing with the other puppy’s chasing, rolling over each other and biting each other. They want to be number one in the pack and this is a way of getting to the top, but if the puppy gets to boisterous the mum will tell them off. So you are now his mum and it’s your job to reprimand him.

When your new puppy arrives at your home he is now part of your pack. He wants to pick up anything that smells and looks good and he will want to give it a good chew. The problems start when your puppy decides that your fingers fall into this category. This is play biting and we need to stop this behavior.

If you have children you will need to sit down with them and teach them what they need to do. When puppies bite a child, the child will usually pull away from your puppy and he will think it’s a game, the more the child pulls the harder the puppy will hold and the more fun your puppy will have.

Up until the age of around 4 months your puppy will have his milk teeth. These teeth are little needles they will not do much damage at this age but as he gets older his teeth will get bigger and you will feel it. So we now understand why are puppies bites so let’s start with are Puppy training biting.


Let’s start with your Puppy Training Biting.

One of simplest ways to stop your puppy biting is to bellow “ouch” in a deep gruff voice. This will surprise him and in most cases he will release his grip.

As soon as he lets go offer him a toy, he will learn that he is allowed to bite his toys. Let him chew the toy for a few minutes, then take it from him using the command “give”.

You must remember not to get angry with your puppy. You may feel concerned that your puppy biting is a sign of a poor temperament. Your puppy’s behaviour is instinctive and it will be your job to teach your puppy that biting is not acceptable if he wants to be part of your pack.

Training your new lab puppy to take toys and treats gently is a great way of controlling his behavior. This way your puppy will learn how behave in the way that you want him to. If he’s good he will get a treat and praise.


Puppy Training Biting Next Step.

Start off with offering your new puppy a treat. If your puppy tries to grab it, close your hand and use the command “gently”. Offer the treat again; if the puppy tries to grab it again close your hand again. When your puppy shows an improvement reward him with the treat. Try this several times a day, withholding the treat until your puppy starts to take it nicely.


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