Jul 11, 2020
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Puppy Training Classes – The Various Types

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It is best to attend puppy training classes that would help you train your little doggies. But not all puppy training classes are applicable to your puppies because most of the classes require your puppy to reach a certain age. Read along to know what puppy training classes are appropriate for your puppies.

Puppy Socializing or Puppy Kindergarten

One of the basic things that your puppy needs to learn is the ability to socialize with other people and fellow canines. In a puppy socializing class, your puppy will learn how to interact with other dogs, adults, and kids. You and your puppy will learn house manners, puppy basics, and how to address common behavior problems like jumping, biting, nipping, chewing and barking. You’ll also get information on puppy development and puppy care and dog fears. This class is also called puppy kindergarten by some puppy training schools.

Basic Obedience Training

In this class, puppy owners can learn to teach their puppies basic obedience commands such as sit, come, stay, down, heel, and stand. You’ll learn various dog training exercises for teaching your dog to focus attention on you, more favorable dog behaviors, and techniques to make your puppies become calmer. You’ll also learn about grooming, health and wellness, fixing behavior problems and leadership. Addressing other common issues will also be taught in this class. Overall, the goal of this class is to have a disciplined companion and best friend in life.

Intermediate Obedience Training

This class will help build and reinforce the learning from the basic obedience training. Pet owners will perform loose leash heeling with left, right and about turns. Your puppies, who will now become dogs at this stage of the training, will obey strangers, sit politely for petting, and well-mannered while walking through many people. Your puppy will follow your commands in a calm manner. Your dog will learn how to react with other dogs and various situations where they can be distracted.

Advance Dog Obedience

This type of class is for those puppies and puppy owners that have undergone basic and/or intermediate puppy training classes. Dogs will learn off-leash exercises while learning right etiquette. You’ll acquire reliability regarding heeling, stay commands, and recalls. You will also have the opportunity to teach your dog some tricks in jumping, retrieving, and dropping on recall exercises. Overall, you’ll be able to gain confidence and control on your dog while doing off-leash activities with heavier distractions. Dogs that are not trained to behave well are usually not allowed in this kind of training class.

There are other puppy training classes being offered by different dog training schools. Some of them are even geared for dog competitions. What’s important is that you maximize your dog’s potential by joining these trainings and that you’re able to achieve what you want.


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