Jul 11, 2020
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Puppy Training – Tips For At-Home Training

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One of the main reasons pet owners decide to train their own puppies at home is because it gives them such a sense of enjoyment and pride. You were the one who taught your puppy how to sit, so every time he sits, you can feel good about that. You also will develop a great bond with your pet through at-home puppy training because your puppy will trust you. In order to make the most out of this type of training, it is important that you do not expect too much of your puppy in the early stages. Everything is new to them, so you have to be patient.

Some pet owners who do their own puppy training find that they are able to train their little pup faster than in classes. The reason for this is because the puppy is comfortable with you and with your home, so he is more eager to please you. He does not have to worry about strange people telling him what to do when the training is at home. When this is avoided, you will be able to get your puppy to listen to you better, which will make the entire training process a lot faster and smoother.

A great tip for any pet owner trying to do puppy training on their own is to start small. Although you would love to be able to tell your friends that you got your puppy to roll over and bark in the first training session, you have to realize that your puppy is as new to training as you are. You need to start with something small such as sitting. It is something you are able to physically show them how to do while you are telling them to sit. They are able to understand your command better this way. You then can progress upward with additional training.


Five more easy tips are:

  • Always use your dog’s name in a positive way.

  • Get your puppy used to noisy environments, people, cars, etc. This will prevent your pup from being scared when confronted by these situations.

  • When giving your puppy a command, make sure you only say the word once in a firm voice.

  • Get your puppy used to a collar/lead as soon as possible. Let him wear it in the house, so he can get used to it.

  • As soon as your puppy awakens, take him immediately outside where he is to go potty.

Similar to starting small when it comes to puppy training are the session lengths. Although you would love to have a long session where you can teach your puppy multiple commands and tricks, you have to realize that your puppy has an extremely short attention span. You will want to give them play and food breaks to keep their attention on you. The longer you go without a break, the less they will learn because they will not pay attention. By following these basic tips, this will make at-home training much easier to accomplish.


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