Jul 11, 2020
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Puppy Training Tips – How To Have An Obedient and Sweet Puppy

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Puppies are loved by all, and having one can brighten up your days. However, you need to create a good relationship with your puppy, so when he is all grown up, he will obey and be loyal to you and your family. There are three things you need to teach your puppy: discipline, love and respect. These three elements are the basics of puppy training. You cannot just teach one element and leave the other two, because if you do so, the dog will be nothing but a problem. Knowing the most important puppy training tips is compulsory for every dog owner, no matter what breed they have.

First you have to teach your puppy discipline. You can discipline this by getting your puppy to get used to good habits. This includes good potty habits. If you do not want your dog to relieve himself inside the house, you have to make sure that there is easy access to your yard and you have to be patient and consistent when potty training him. You should also feed your dog at regular times to promote regular bowel movements, so that he can relieve himself on a regular schedule. Make sure that members of your family know about the feeding schedule so that there will be no unwanted accidents inside the house.

The other two elements would be love and respect. You can invite your relatives and friends for a relaxing evening and let them interact with your puppy. Let the puppy know how it feels to be loved. Do not prevent the puppy from interacting with them as he needs to socialize and get used to having visitors at home. In terms of respect, let the puppy know that you are his master and he needs to respect you. Teaching him to respect you does not mean that you should bully him, but you should teach him to get it into the habit of obeying your commands. Do not let fear grow inside your puppy, as this will only make him aggressive and he can even attack other dogs or even human.

The puppy training tips above will develop discipline, love and respect in your puppy. Puppy training can get really frustrating, so you have to be patient and persistent. Remember that you want your puppy to become a part of your family. Let the puppy be your kids’ best friend and be able to protect them once he is all grown up.

Understanding puppy training tips will help you create good relationship between you and your dog. The tips puppy training must be implemented to have an obedient and sweet puppy.

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