Jul 10, 2020
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Puppy Training Tips to Help You Train Your Puppy Quickly

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I have come across many dog owners who look for puppies training tips which can allow them to train their puppies quickly. To this, I can only say that you will not get a satisfactory answer because you cannot expect to get your puppy trained in a matter of a few hours or days! If that is what you are looking for, you will be disappointed as a skill cannot be internalized immediately. However, if you are looking for an effective training system that can show you results in a few weeks, I do have two tips to offer you.

1. Daily Intensive Practice

If you want to be able to train your puppy quickly, you must first of all remember that you need daily intensive practice. I am sure you know that practice makes perfect so your puppy will also be able to learn a skill more quickly when you can make time to train every day.

Let’s say you want to train your puppy to come to you when you call it. Move your puppy a distance away from you and call its name repeatedly. When it comes to you, praise it and reward it with a dog treat. Do this a few times and carry out this training every day. You need to spend a lot of time together in order to teach your puppy new skills.

It is vital that you set the rules right from the start and ensure that your puppy follows the rules every time. Puppies are just like little children – you have to be firm and carry through with your instructions. Never give in to your puppy’s whims or you will risk not having your puppy obey you. Just remember that you can learn all the puppies training tips in the world but if you are not firm in carry them out, you will not be successful in training your puppy.

2. Take the cue from your puppy

By taking the cue from your puppy, I do not mean to listen to the whims of your puppy! However, if you see that your puppy looks very tired after some training, it is time to let it take a break. You should not over-strain your puppy. It will do more harm to your puppy if you insist on training your puppy hard in an attempt to get it trained quickly.

Regardless of which training system, program or manual you refer to, all puppies training tips will point you towards training your puppy in a relaxed and non-stressful environment. In fact, the best and fastest way in which your puppy learns anything is when there is no pressure faced by either you or your puppy. Be prepared to give your puppy at least one week before it learns any skill. You also need to spend a lot of time with your puppy in order to teach it well. So just enjoy your time with your puppy and build up your relationship with it. If you feel that you need more professional help, never feel shy in seeking out special training centres which can help you out.

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