Jul 11, 2020
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Secret Keys to Puppy Training

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A very important element in puppy training is socialization. If your dog is correctly socialized they will be able to interact with other humans and animals without being frightened or feel they need to use aggressive behavior. Otherwise, it might be necessary to confine your dog to the house all the time for his safety and others. During the first 3 months of a puppies life is important for teaching socialization skills afterwards it is vital to reinforce and improve these skills.

Leash training and obedience training is vital in training your puppy to correct behavior. Make sure that your puppy is fitted properly with a collar and then get him familiar with a leash. The collar should fit snug but not tightly. Training your puppy to a leash will permit the puppy to walk in outside settings. Obedience training will teach your puppy to react to commands and prevent the puppy from using negative behavior.

Some basic tips can help the success of most puppy training methods. You must use positive reinforcement when training your puppy. When your puppy follows commands reward him with praise or treats. Positive reinforcement can help the puppy to better understand the training. Starting your training in a quiet environment free from distractions can make the training easier on you as well as your puppy. House breaking your puppy will require patience and understanding to become successful.

Common mistake made by pet owners is scolding their puppies when it is too late. Too late means when you did not catch him in the act. If you yell or scold your puppy after the fact will only confuse him. If your puppy makes a mess and you did not catch him in the act just simply clean up the mess without making a fuss. If you do catch him in the act distract him with a loud “NO” and quickly take him outside while he is in the middle of eliminating. Then, after he has done his business in the correct area praise him. Don’t rub your puppy’s nose in his mess. Not only is this cruel it may also cause him to become afraid of eliminating in front of you.

This will cause problems he will still eliminate in the house but, will try to hide to do it. This could also cause him to eat his mess in fear of how you will react. Housebreaking your puppy does not have to have headaches if you go about it in the right way. Patience, timing and consistency are the keys to successfully house breaking your puppy. Lots of praises and rewards and good attitude will go along ways.

I have trained dogs for years and I have found that it is easier with patience’s. Puppy Training is not that hard it requires patience’s and commitment.

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