Jul 11, 2020
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Tips on Golden Retriever Puppy Training

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A Golden Retriever is the most intelligent dog breed in the world. However, you need to start as early as you can to train your Golden Retriever puppy. A well behaved Golden Retriever puppy can be very rewarding since you can teach him tricks and can even learn hard skills. The breed are known to be the type of dogs used for guides for the blind, rescue dogs during emergency situations and let us not forget bomb and contraband sniffing dogs.

Here are some basic pointers on how to train your Golden retriever puppy:

1. Basic house training. A puppy training has to start with the basic house proofing like where to find feeding dishes and water bowls. Place these in a specific area of the house so the puppy will know where to go.

2. Toilet training. Teach your puppy to potty in a cardboard box first then you can go with training him to potty outside. Have patience with your puppy and don’t forget to reward him for a job well done.

3. Grooming. A Golden Retriever’s coat may need average grooming and a lot of bathing. Train your puppy to keep still while taking a bath. After a while he can get the hang of bathing and grooming that he will know how to keep still even when not being told. Again reward him for a good behavior after the bath.

4. Golden Retriever Puppy Training 101. Train your puppy outside where there is a lot of space and fresh air. Golden Retrievers love land and water games. After a good round of walking and running you can start introducing tricks. They are highly intelligent and may learn really fast but master one trick at a time. Be ready with a pocketful of treats so you can reward his good behavior during training.

5. Bad behavior. Puppies of this breed love to chew. They will chew anything that they can get their paws on. Replace them with chew toys and treat instead. Teach them the word “no “as well and say it with a firm and commanding tone. Be consistent with what is negative like if you don’t want him to sit on the sofa every member of the family should do the same as well. Don’t send mixed messages that might confuse the dog.

6. On a walk. Golden Retriever puppies have tons of energy and they can be a pain while on a leash for the first time. Control this behavior as early as possible. Make him realize who is the boss by teaching him when to stop and when to start walking. Tug sharply on his leash if he starts doing a negative behavior and he will eventually get what it means. Golden Retriever puppies are very curious when they have walks with you and may stop and gingerly sniff at anything that may catch their attention. Let them do this for a while and then try the tugging technique again to correct this behavior.

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